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Afghans & Throws

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Wrap yourself in luxury throw blankets and afghans. Don't settle for ratty or rough. Imagine the delightful feel of our incredibly soft items and how toasty you could be. With such a wide range of yarns and fabrics available today, these warmers not only feel wonderful, but also are easy to launder. Many feature "something extra" like tassles, a fringe, cord binding or other unique embellishment. Faux fur and feathery threads combine with more mainstream materials to form a multi-media throw that's nearly a work of art.

In addition to the thermal uses of an afghan or throw, don't underestimate the visual aspect of using them in your decor. What an interesting way to incorporate elements of texture, color, and pattern into your living room or bedroom. Switch out your throws through the seasons. Select one with a tight knit or crochet stitch for autumn and winter in a heavier weight yarn or material.. As the weather brightens, you can change your throws to a looser stitch and a lighter material. Let your throws give your room a soft edge that beckons you to kick back and relax.