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Baby Safety Gates

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Baby is on the move and it is time to secure the premises. A safety gate guards against dangerous areas until your toddler gains the skills needed to navigate safely on her own. When you shop for a baby safety gate, measure the area where you will be using the gate. Do you need an extra-wide or even super-wide gate to block off an area? Some gates may include the extensions you need to fit the doorway, but you will have to purchase extensions separately for others.

If stairs are a hazard, you'll need to choose a hardware-mounted version. Pressure-mounted gates work well in hallways and doorways.
The best baby gates feature latches that are easy for adults to open with one hand, but are impossible for toddlers to figure out. If the baby gate will be used in a high-traffic area, opt for one with a door that swings in both directions. A single-direction option is safer for the top of the stairs.
Is the gate tall enough? Gates come in a variety of heights. A baby gate must be at least 22 inches tall to obtain certification from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. But, you will probably want to buy one that is at least three quarters of your child's height to prevent climbing.
You'll love the way modern safety gates have raised the bar to blend in with contemporary home decor. The most attractive options are constructed of wood and metal and are available in a variety of stain colors. Some feature arches or other design elements. Choose one that blends best with your home's interior.