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Bouncers, Exercisers, Swings

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Sometimes a parent needs a pair of extra hands. Bouncers, excercisers and swings to the rescue! A baby bouncer can soothe a fussy baby. Look for one with vibration for gentle jiggles. Some offer variable speeds. The upright angle gently holds a baby with reflux in the elevated position required. Other options for awake-time use include a toy bar to stimulate activity.

An exerciser lets your little one play independently standing with support from a padded fabric seat, baby stands, rocks and jumps in a 360-rotational to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles. Typically, a variety of play activities surround the perimeter to help infants make discoveries and master new skills, Also known as an "exersaucer", this piece of baby gear provides great stimulation. You'll be amazed at how you can watch cognitive connections appear right before your eyes!

A swing relaxes baby as the back and forth motion mimics a parent's rocking embrace. Choose from models that offer different swing speeds, music, sounds, vibration, toy bars, timers and more. Some plug in to an outlet, while others run on batteries. Specialty models perform dual functions, like swings that convert to a bouncer. Keep your floor space in mind and look for models that fold easily if you plan on moving the swing from room to room.