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Ceiling Lights

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Match your lighting need to the right light for your situation. Here are some quick descriptions of different types to get you started.
  • Chandeliers serve as a statement piece and hang from the ceiling. They are a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or, in days gone by, candles.
  • Flushmount Fixtures rest snugly against the ceiling. These lights are the standard light fixtures most people think of. The mounting plate is flat to the ceiling with the bulbs covered by a glass shade.
  • Semi-Flush Mount Lights although similar to a flush mount, dangle from an "arm" that hangs 4” to 8” from the ceiling.
  • Pendant Lights hang from a ceiling mount, but have only one bulb per light that shines light down and work well for task lighting or to illuminate a work surface such as a kitchen island counter top or onto a tabletop.
  • Recessed Lighting, alternatively known as can lighting, delivers ambient or task lighting. All that shows is a ring flush against the ceiling and the face of the bulb.
  • Track Lighting fixtures down light a specific area or item. Angles can be adjusted to light a particular item, like a piece of artwork on a wall or a sculpture on a stand.