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Express your generous spirit and hospitable personality through the furniture you use to furnish your dining room and kitchen. Although some homes have the luxury of a dedicated dining room, more and more dwellings utilize a more open architecture. This can mean a more flexible flow between food preparation areas (kitchen) and the serving area (dining).

This more modern approach to interior design calls for furniture that multi-tasks and can lend itself to more than one highly specialized task. Consider features and benefits in this vein when selecting new furniture. For example, a dining table with leaves could serve double-duty as the day-to-day table when compact, but can expand to host a holiday feast. What about a kitchen stool that can be used for seating and as a step stool? More and more of these innovative space-savers come to market all the time. Watch here to see the best of the best.

Discover more ways to make your gathering spaces work for the way you live. Some homes could use a china cabinet to display trinkets and treasures, while others would be better served by a buffet which affords increased serving surface along with storage. Choose furniture that fits you, don't try to make your life fit your furniture and you'll feel happier and more comfortable, and so will the rest of your family and guests!