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Flatware, traditionally called by the more specific term, "Silverware" means the utensils you use to eat: Forks, knives and spoons. For many years, the well-to-do owned and used flatware constructed from silver, hence silverware. However, due to the amount of labor and time required to maintain the bright and shiny finish on true silver, more and more people have turned to stainless steel as a more user-friendly option.

The material content (expressed as a number) tells you what percentage of chrome and nickel are found in stainless steel. Quality flatware contains 18% chrome for maximum corrosion resistance. The amount of nickel varies by line and manufacturer. Nickel gives each piece a soft, silver-like luster. Designs with an 18/10 and 18/8 alloy rank as very finest quality. Compare that alloy to 18/0 stainless, which provides a an affordable option for a great starter set. Flatware finishes typically divide into four categories: 1) Bright, 2) Satin, 3) Two Toned, and 4) Gold Accent. Keep in mind the diameter of the handle of the spoon to make sure it is compatible with your dishwasher silverware holder. Enjoy updating your table with a new flatware set!