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Kitchen Towels & Aprons

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Dish towels, tea towels, over-sized kitchen towels, dish cloths, aprons, oven mitts, pot holders, cleaning cloths, aprons and more Work as hard as you do. Eventually they get to the point where they have seen their better days. New towels and a fresh apron revive a tired kitchen and add joy to the time you spend there.

Fabrics range from the traditional, like Cotton terry and linen, to modern marvels like microfiber and bamboo. The different fabric properties match them to specific purposes. Some kitchen towels are completely lint-free, making them ideal for drying. Others absorb liquids especially well and are designed to tackle spills, drips, and other liquid emergencies. Home experts recommend stockpiling
a generous supply of kitchen towels. One set of soiled linens can be washed and dried while another set takes its place. Keep your kitchen safe and beautiful by rotating your towels very often to prevent food-borne illnesses, mold and mildew.