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Glisten. Glimmer, Shimmer. Shine.  Give a lift to any and every room inside your home by being intentional in your use of that "magic wand" of decorating, lighting.  It's hard to overestimate the impact of a well planned lighting strategy.  By illuminating artwork, you direct attention to this dramatic focal point.  A statement chandelier lifts gazes, while wall sconces in a hallway draw the eye to a distance perspective.  A brighter light enlivens, while a softer glow embraces properties of coziness and comfort.  Think of your lighting as an important tool in your decorator's toolbox containing the power to reinvent any space.  Include ceiling fans, ceiling lights lamps and wall lights in your plan.  We're here to help with an extra-special array of lights.  Check out our top-notch selections to transform your space with lighting from GreatDecorIdeas.com.