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Rag Rug Rag Rug Blue 2' x 3'
Our Price: $44.75
Save high traffic areas from wear and tear by strategically placing floor mats and rugs where footsteps fall most often. Trap dirt and moisture and minimize tracked-in particles when these sturdy sentinels stand guard by your entryways. Catch spills and drips by the sink or an ice-dispensing refrigerator and splatters by the stoves to prevent water damage to the surface below and to reduce the frequency of having to fully wash your floor.

Select rugs and mats according to function, then move on to material and finalize your decision with appearance. For example, you may want a gel mat by the sink to comfort your feet, legs and lower back. By the door, a non-slip rug that you could launder frequently might be your you best bet. Look for machine washable options. Around the room, a lighter fabric rug will probably get the job done. An area rug under the dining room table can unify your entire decor, plus it will provide acoustic benefits. Runners in the hallway also soften the noise and add to the over-all effect of your home. Seasonal rugs and doormats add a festive touch in an unexpected place. Enjoy shopping for rugs and mats with us today.