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A gallery wall adds style to entryways, living rooms and other areas in your home. Creating a grouping can feel intimidating, but it’s easy when you use one of several time-tested strategies. One idea relies on a single large piece to carry the visual load. Perhaps you might select an original painting or a large-scale fine art photograph, however more affordable options work wonderfully well. Try a print or even an elegant mirror. A large piece makes an excellent conversation starter and creates and interesting focal point.
The next step expands the gallery. One approach is plot out the items you want to include in your wall gallery and then draw a chart of where you’ll arrange them. Your display could be based on a grid. Another concept starts with hanging a central, dominant piece now and then incorporating items around it organically over time. Some interior decorators suggest that as you integrate other pieces, hang them close together rather than scattering across the space.
Another suggestion from the pros is to mix shapes and materials. Some encourage uniform framing, some prefer same color but different styles, and yet others emphasize differences over standardization. A different idea is to hang similar objects as duos and trios. Follow your intuition and trust your eye.