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Dogs have earned their title of 'man's best friend. If only most humans could be as loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate! It’s no wonder then, that dog lovers want to buy equipment that is safe, performs…and if it’s clever and cute besides, who can resist? Caring for canines like these loyal friends care for you is easier with products created with man's best friend in mind.

If a dog holds a special place in your heart, you know how they enrich your life love, loyalty, paw prints and humor. You'll probably agree with this list of 10 Reasons Why a Dog Makes the Best Pet!

  1. She meets you at the door and greets you with wiggly enthusiasm when you've only been away for ten minutes.
  2. Dogs like to watch the same shows as you do on TV.
  3. Dogs lavish you with unconditional love.
  4. As a personal trainer, a dog rocks. He motivates you to go for a walk or run, but won't shame you if you don't.
  5. Owning a dog helps kids learn responsibility and empathy.
  6. Your pup always senses when you feel blue -- and she gladly just sits with you to lend her support.
  7. He knows how to shake it off.
  8. Dogs help you socialize and encourage you to try something new.
  9. Dogs give you something to laugh and smile about every day.
  10. She makes boring chores more enjoyable just by being near.