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Some people can't wait to decorate their walls. They constantly switch things up for the seasons or for no reason at all just to freshen the space up a bit. On the other hand, some face a blank wall with a blank stare, uncertain of where to start or what to do. Regardless of your level or experience or confidence in this area, let us put you at ease with this guiding statement. Only hang it if you love it!

Here we hope that you will find some things that you fall in love with. Pictures, graphics, wall hangings, signs, plaques and other flat pieces are a great way to start. And, don't be shy about going big. One signature show-stopper will take you a long way. Add a spotlight and you've really started to fly.

Fill in other areas with groupings of items with dimension, texture and color. Think of wall-mounted baskets, floating shelves, or a pegboard filled with an antique collection or or that center around a theme. Another option is to group different items of a similar color together to create synergy. Containing groups of items this way not only helps display them artfully, it keeps walls from seeming cluttered.

Wall sculpture gives you another avenue to view dimensionally. A 3-D piece of art multiplies it's impact and can often be a conversation piece that you will enjoy talking about for years. Anything that looks like a sculpture or dimensional piece of art that can be hung on the wall fits this category. Everyday articles can also fill the bill here: Pulleys and gears, an oar, a vintage tool, or a vintage fishing pole. Give it a whirl and see what you come up with. Let your walls reveal more about the things that matter most to you!